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Attempt to Recall Kneier Fails

Dennis Kneier
Dennis Kneier

Petition Campaign Falls Short of the 2,143 Signatures Needed for Recall

A citizen effort to recall San Marino City Councilman Dennis Kneier has fallen short of the required signatures, according to City Clerk Veronica Ruiz.

“On June 26, 2014 a notice of intention to circulate a petition to recall Council Member Dennis Kneier was filed with the City Clerk,” said a release from Ruiz. “On July 22, 2014 the petition form was approved, and the proponents were notified that the petition could be circulated and submitted to the City Clerk for filing within ninety (90) days, or no later than Monday, October 20, 2014 (pursuant to California Elections Code §11220). At 10:23 a.m. on Monday, October 20, 2014 a letter was submitted to the City Clerk’s office stating that the Committee to Recall Councilman Dennis Kneier did not receive sufficient signatures to qualify a recall election.”

Organizers needed to collect 2,143 signatures by today in order for the recall effort to continue. Had that number been achieved, the city would have spent several weeks verifying the signatures. The earliest date for a recall election would have been March, 2015, according to Ruiz.

“Let me say first to Liz that I deeply appreciate her support as she stood closely by me over the past several months,” Kneier said of his wife in a statement to The Tribune this afternoon.

“Liz loves San Marino, and it was hard for her to see divisiveness in the community and sometimes hurtful comments made by a few. But she is a strong lady, and she will join me with a smile on her face as we move forward to do all we can to make San Marino an even better place to live.”

Throughout the recall process, Kneier consistently recounted words of support from community members and said that shortly after the petition process began, he made notes of those he had received.

Kneier addressed his supporters in his statement.

One very positive result of this process is that we learned how many friends we have and how much they care for us and for the community,” the councilman said. “Our many friendships are now stronger and deeper as a result of this experience. This is something we will treasure and hold close to our hearts in the days, months and years going forward.”

Kneier’s second term expires in November, 2015. Though the city council accepted an advisory vote of the community that would limit councilmembers to two terms, Kneier is able to run as many times as he would like, since those officials who were in office at the time of the vote are exempt from the decision.


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