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Sidewalk Repair On Many ‘Wish Lists’ for 2015

by Mitch Lehman

On at least a half dozen occasions over the past two months, San Marino’s buckling sidewalks have struck down walkers, runners and bicyclists, at least two of which resulted in broken bones and bloody knees.

Mayor Eugene Sun told The Tribune that the aging infrastructure is “a high priority” for the upcoming fiscal year.

“The city is going to make an inventory of our sidewalks and form a plan of how to best go about making repairs,” said Mayor Sun. “We have to take a look at the budget and see what we can do about this. It is a very important matter and we talk about it in council meetings all the time.”

One resident tripped over a raised sidewalk and suffered a broken elbow during a routine morning walk. Another went kiester over teakettle while running the family pooch, with nothing worse than a sore knee and bruised ego to show for the tumble.

In a typical year, city street crews pour approximately 173 yards of concrete for new sidewalks, curb and gutters.

In fiscal year 2014-15, which ends on June 30, the city is spending an extra $100,000 for an additional 250 yards of concrete work that will include approximately 14,000 square feet of sidewalk as well as curb, gutters and approaches.

“The areas being replaced have been identified across the city as the area’s most in need of repair,” said John Schaefer, city manager. “Typically the areas most in need of repair are those with large parkway trees with roots that lift the sidewalk. Because of [San Marino’s] trees we will continually be having new sidewalk separations, so this will be a continuous project.”

Though California cities have different policies regarding the matter, in San Marino, sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the city.


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