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Burbank Could Hold Cure for San Marino Building Woes

By Krista Daly

As the San Marino City Council considers how to revise their city codes to ensure the growing problem of mansionization does not continue, a possible solution could be found in Burbank, who recently established an interim development control ordinance that would also restrict new construction on home projects.

Though San Marino city council members last week approved a 45-day moratorium on various types of construction and demolition permits, they have to soon revisit the ordinance since there were several changes suggested as far as the language.

Within the 45-day time frame time that the ordinance is in affect, there will be no issuance of building permits, demolition permits or anything involving additions to an existing two-story house. The hope is that time will be provided to develop appropriate revisions to the zoning code for both San Marino and Burbank.

For the full story, see the print edition of the San Marino Tribune, or download the e-edition.


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