Traffic Commission Recommends Stop Signs at 6 Corners

A stop sign in San Marino.

The San Marino Traffic Advisory Commission recommended the installment of 2-way stop signs at six of the nine non-controlled 4-way intersections within San Marino city limits.

At its Dec. 19 meeting, Commissioners made their recommendations based on data from a two-month long, $5,400 traffic count study, which found 2-way stop signs to be an appropriate solution.

Traffic Engineer Ruth Smith explained that the stop signs will “institutionalize” current motorist habits at the non-controlled intersections.

At Canterbury Rd. and Santa Anita Ave., the commission recommended the stop signs be placed on Canterbury Rd.

At Chaucer Rd. and Chester Ave., the commission recommended the stop signs be placed on Chester Ave.

At Coniston Pl. and Kenilworth Ave., the commission recommended the stop signs be placed on Coniston Pl.

At Duarte Rd. and Hilliard Dr., the commission recommended the stop signs be placed on Hilliard Dr.

At Roanoke Rd. and Chelsea Rd., the commission recommended the stop signs be placed on Roanoke Rd.

At Roanoke Rd. and Windsor Rd., the commission recommended the stop signs be placed on Windsor Rd.

The commission withheld its support for three intersections, requesting a more in-depth study before recommending any changes.

Commissioner Hunter Chang suggested a closer look at Canterbury Rd. and Chaucer Rd., one of the three intersections, contending that the stop signs should be installed on Chaucer Rd. due to the higher volume of traffic on Canterbury Rd.

Smith had suggested the opposite solution, but for the same reason.

Roanoke Rd. and Old Mill Rd. was the second intersection pulled by the commission for more study.

The proposed stop signs and painted crosswalks would be on Roanoke Rd.

“It’s a lot of paint,” Commissioner Chang noted, looking at a concept plan of the wide streets at the offset intersection.

“It’s one of the most exclusive neighborhoods. They’re going to go bananas,” said Chairperson James Coupe, adding that area residents should be allowed to comment on the proposed change.

Police Chief John Incontro provided a different perspective for the commission’s consideration.

“For me, the potential for a problem is there [Roanoke Rd. and Old Mill Rd.],” he said. “I do think the crosswalk may be a good idea.”

Lastly, the commission withheld its recommendation for the intersection of Roanoke Rd. and Warwick Rd. due to opposition from resident William Graham, who lives at one of the corner properties.

“There are already gutters on Roanoke that slow traffic,” Graham said, countering city staff’s recommendation to install the stop signs on Roanoke Rd.

Instead, he requested that the stop signs be installed on Warwick Rd., adding that a group of area residents will voice their support for his request at a future traffic commission meeting.

The San Marino City Council must approve the traffic commission’s recommendation at a future city council meeting before the stop signs are installed.

Monterey Road Traffic Study

Results from a one-week long speed survey on Monterey Rd. near the intersection of Monterey Rd. and El Molino Ave. were reported to the traffic commission.

A set of wires, located at approximately 2800 Monterey Rd. and taped to the road, captured the speed of each passing car.

The survey found that 31 percent of vehicles were under the speed limit of 30 miles per hour. A combined 77 percent were under 35 miles per hour, while 97 percent of vehicles were under 40 miles per hour.

Smith noted that nearly 100 percent of vehicles remained under 45 miles per hour, but a few motorists well exceeded that.

As an example, she noted that four vehicles were clocked between 70 to 99 miles per hour when they drove over the wires. One of those vehicles, she added, passed through the area at 10 a.m.

She also noted that since the city’s survey of the road last year, the road now sees on average an additional 500 vehicles per day.

“I will use this data to come back with potential solutions,” Smith said.

Huntington Dr. & Bedford Rd.

The commission unanimously denied the possibility of ordering a traffic study at the corner of Huntington Dr. and Bedford Rd., where a 10-unit development for restaurant use is currently being proposed.

The San Marino Planning Commission, which is considering the new development at 2000 Huntington Dr., requested that the traffic commission consider the necessity for the study.

“Doesn’t this seem somewhat theoretical?” Chairperson Coupe asked, noting that a study would not provide information about the new development’s impact on traffic circulation at the intersection.

Smith explained that area residents’ complaints about current traffic conditions promoted the planning commission to send the item to the traffic commission.

The planning commission will be formally notified of the traffic commission’s decision early next year, when the planning commission again hears plans for the proposed development.

Huntington Dr. Resurfacing Project

Public Works Director Dan Wall informed the commission that a postponed project to resurface the north side of Huntington Dr. between Winston Ave. and Virginia Rd. will resume on Jan. 3, 2017.

The project was postponed in order to not interrupt the holiday shopping season for merchants located along the drive.

Wall said he anticipates All American Asphalt, the hired contractor, will complete paving by the middle of February.