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Burglaries Remain on the Rise in San Marino

Last week, The Tribune reported four burglaries occurred within a 24-hour time span between Wednesday, Sept. 20 and Thursday, Sept. 21. San Marino Police Department’s Police Log released this week reports a total of six burglaries occurred within that week from the 17th to the 23rd.

In previous logged weeks this month, 2 burglaries have occurred– a total of 8 burglaries this month, with several days to go. At least $12,000 in personal belongings were stolen within this past week outlined in the Police Log.

Within the past two months, a total of 12 burglaries occurred, with four in August and eight in July. Two attempted burglaries in August, and one in July were also reported.

SMPD said burglars are targeting jewelry and money, items that can be offloaded and used quickly before detection– rather than items that can be traced, like iPads, laptops and other electronic devices.

Police believe the suspect, or suspects, are using tools known as “window punches,” which shatter glass silently, to gain entry to homes. Suspects have been entering through rear sliding glass doors, windows, and in at least one instance, a balcony.

SMPD emphasized their “see something, say something” motto and shared several other tips for San Marino residents:

  • Use alarm systems in good working order and keep security company subscriptions up-to-date. Make arming your house a habit.
  • Use surveillance cameras and applications like “Ring” and “Nest,” which homeowners can access remotely. The evidence retained by these devices can be helpful if your home is burglarized.
  • Don’t waste valuable time using these applications on your phone if you believe you’ve been burglarized. Call police immediately.
  • If you are alerted to a motion, call police to report your concerns.
  • Glass sensors and motion detectors are also helpful security devices.

SMPD Detective Brian Wong said police would rather respond if homeowners believe they are the victims of burglary, than to wait.

“No suspicious incident is too small for us to respond to,” Wong said. “We have no issues responding to your calls. We need everyone’s help, though … their eyes and their ears.”

A community meeting on crime hosted by “Citizens For Safe San Marino” late last month drew more than 175 people to San Marino High School’s Webb Theatre. The organization presented data that showed 50 burglaries occurring in 2016. Since January, at least 101 burglaries have occurred, more than double last year’s incidents.



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