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Robotics Earns Coveted Award at Beach Blitz

This past weekend, San Marino High School’s Titanium Robotics team competed in the 2018 Beach Blitz, a competition hosted at Marina High School. This was their robot Joys[Ti]ck’s last opportunity to power up and the first opportunity for new Titanium Robotics members and leaders to gain competition experience.

Ultimately, the competition was extremely successful. New members learned many robotics fundamentals, including pit scouting, working the pit, match scouting, and gracious professionalism. Many individuals also were exposed to high-pressure situations for the first time, acclimatizing before the real season begins. Beach Blitz was also time for the new drive team, led by former driver and current Vice President of Design William Cockrum as a drive coach. Team Strategist Jonathan Fong provided vital input for each match by discussing and delivering strategic decisions to the entire alliance. After matches ended, FIRST alumni and mentors banded together to offer various seminars for aspiring robotics members at any level. There were lectures offering new insights on how to effectively utilize computer-aided design, or CAD; a casual, live streamed discussion with three drive coaches from top tier teams about how to effectively work together as a drive team and interactive activities for business members to plan strategies and meet other teams. These experiences were all invaluable because they emulated real competition environments where the margin of error is even smaller and the stakes are higher.

At the end of it all, Titanium Robotics won the Gracious Professionalism award, which according to the judges, is awarded to “a team that was gracious to the judges but, more importantly, is focused on their team and their community.”

“They [Team 1160] create a presence by assisting with Lego Events, doing public demonstrations, and doing outreach for special needs students. They are the ideal FIRST students,” the commendation concluded.

Titanium Robotics was incredibly humbled to be recognized for representing the values central to the team and FIRST at large, so expect even more out reach events that make STEAM activities accessible to anyone.

On that note, make sure to continue supporting Robo for Breast Cancer during the month of October. Also lookout for the upcoming Carver First Lego League competition in November, where the hardwork of all the students and mentors will reveal itself. If you would like to support the team, it is holding a fundraiser this Saturday, October 20 at the Panda Express on Lake Ave. in Pasadena from 4–9:00pm. You can find the flyer at


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