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Robotics Team Designs Through Week Three

Members of the Mechanical team manufacturing robot parts.

This past week marked the third week of the 2019 First Robotics Competition (FRC) Build Season, which is usually unofficially designated as “CAD Week” (computer-aided design).

Week Three was the CAD team’s time to shine because it was their job combine each wooden prototype into a working 3D computer model while simultaneously solving mechanical constraints.

Once the rough draft is complete, team members are able to virtually test different materials and configurations in order to find an efficient design that meets all possible constraints. After a thorough trial-and-error process, the model design is finalized, allowing mechanical team members to use the computer drawings as a blueprint. These blueprints are especially helpful because they allow for newer mechanical members to follow carefully planned instructions meant to guarantee productivity.

Although this week was primarily CAD work, Drive Team continued their rigorous practice sessions by driving without any audio cues. Programming also continued working on the minimap and vision projects in preparation for the completed robot. These two projects are meant to overcome this year’s main limitation, Sandstorm, which eliminates each team’s direct vision of the field at the beginning of the match. Meanwhile, the mechanical team prepared its materials for next week, which has been designated as manufacturing week.

Titanium Robotics is on course for a strong finish in the 2019 FRC Build Season. Remember to look out for the annual Rollout event featuring the finished 2019 robot once build season is complete. Titanium Robotics will attend the Orange County Regional during the first week of March and conclude with the Idaho Regional during the last week of March. These two regionals will each provide opportunities to earn a coveted spot to the FRC World Championships hosted in Houston in late April.


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