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It’s Now In the Bag For SMHS Robotics

Galac[Ti]c, San Marino High School’s competitive robot, performed several tasks flawlessly at Sunday’s Rollout. Mitch Lehman Photo

This past week, Titanium Robotics crossed the finish line, completing week 6 of grueling build season. However, the team’s work is far from over because the first competition, the Orange County Regional, is from February 28 to March 2 at the OC Fair & Event Center.

Every single division of the team – mechanical, electrical, CAD, strategy, and programming – collaborated beautifully to complete two stunning robots: one practice and one final. The final robot, boasting a display of LEDs and new paint, is officially dubbed Galac[Ti]c as a part of this year’s space theme. Galac[Ti]c features 4 main components: claw, the arm that grabs onto “cargo” balls and shoots them; in-n-out, the contraption that collects and spits out hatch panels; continuous lift, the segment that brings the in-n-out to all three cargo ship levels; and drive train, the foundation that binds every component together.

Titanium Robotics featured the completed robot at its annual Rollout event hosted on February 17 at San Marino High School. Parents, community members, and dignitaries all gathered on a frigid night to listen to Business President Kimia Hassibi and Engineering President Olivia Cameron presenting Titanium Robotics as an organization and the past 6 weeks of build season. After a brief reveal video, Vice Presidents Stella Yao and William Cockrum presented the physical version of Galac[Ti]c by demonstrating each subsystem. The event concluded with a demonstration by the team’s practice robot on the practice field built diligently by Head Mentor Mr. Barton. This was also the team’s largest Rollout event ever, so thank you to everyone who showed up!

The next week will be incredibly hectic because of the imminent Orange County Regional. Team members can be seen making spare parts, tuning autonomous code, and developing strategies rigorously in order to guarantee success.

Titanium Robotics is looking forward to an exciting competition season in Orange County and Idaho. Titanium Robotics will attend the Orange County Regional during the first week of March and conclude with the Idaho Regional during the last week of March. These two regular season regionals will each provide opportunities to earn a coveted spot to the FRC World Championships hosted in Houston in late April. You can find the official game animation here:


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