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Drivetrain Is the Focus For Titanium Robotics

Justin Jang, Tyler Hand, and Jack Moffat presenting to mentors the CAD drawings for Titanium Robotics’ first full design of the robot.

With the design process just about complete, Titanium Robotics is now moving on to the actual assembly of their robot for this year’s competition. The focus for the team members is no longer on building prototypes, but rather on building this year’s practice robot— a fully functioning “first draft” of the robot the team is going to take into competitions. The point of this practice robot is to allow team members an opportunity to practice on the handling and production of several mechanisms in the context of the robot in its entirety and enable the team to see the robot once it is wholly complete and make changes and revisions accordingly. As CAD—computer aided design—drawings are steadily completed for each individual mechanism, the team is now dedicating the first few days of their practice-robot-building to the assembly of the robot’s drivetrain, or the system that grants machinery mobility, commonly through the use of tires, wheels, or tank treads.

CAD Captain Justin Jang commented, “the drive train is one of the hardest parts of the robot to manufacture, but I’m proud to see that the team has already made great progress on it.” With a steady pace and notable progress made by every team member each day, Titanium Robotics paves a path for growth, learning, and success in creating an efficient and robust robot, all the while educating and exposing new members of the team and others in the community alike to the industry and hard work behind robotics and STEAM. All of these efforts take place during work sessions every day after school and all Saturdays beginning at ten in the morning. You can also show support for the team at San Marino High School’s Boys Varsity Basketball home games, where the team takes their t-shirt cannon [Ti]rone to launch t-shirts into the crowd. Students are invited to come and help out! No prior knowledge or experience is required.


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