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San Marino Coronavirus Cases Grow to 8

The number of San Marino residents who have confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses has increased from one to eight in the past two weeks, according to a daily report from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in strict guidelines against public or private congregation, known as “Safer at Home,” and has shut down all schools and businesses except those considered “essential” in order to contain its spread.
The disease, which is caused by a novel coronavirus that emerged in November, currently has no cure or vaccine and is responsible for 402 deaths in L.A. County, according to data released on Wednesday. The report also stated that there are 10,496 verified cases in the county.
And while incidents of the virus have not increased to the extent that some medical professionals feared, San Marino Fire Chief Mario Rueda said on Wednesday that “we’re nowhere near being out of the woods.”
“In our county alone we have had 360 people die as of [Tuesday] and we have over 10,000 people infected with this disease, so it is very serious,” Rueda said. “It is not only infecting the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions; young people are dying from this disease, too.”
Rueda sits on the panel of several local emergency operations and said that social distancing and other efforts are having a positive impact on suppressing the spread of the virus.
“The restrictions that are being put in place are working,” Rueda continued. “We track the availability of hospital beds and spaces in the intensive care units of area hospitals and those numbers have not spiked. But now is not the time to declare victory. We don’t want to drop the ball before we get into the end zone.”
Rueda reported excellent morale among San Marino’s firefighters and paramedics despite the risks his men face on a daily basis. “They have been true professionals,” he said.
“The coronavirus is something much different than what we typically deal with. You can’t see it and you can’t put your hands on it. Exposure also means you are putting yourself and possibly your family at risk. They are out there in the community and going on all of the calls.”
Rueda said the SMFD has also increased its sanitization protocols, which has allayed fears among the troops. He also said everyone under his watch is healthy and nobody has tested positive for the virus.
A new emergency screening process has also helped. Dispatchers now ask a series of questions and if the answers reveal that a patient they are about to treat might have symptoms of the coronavirus, they use extra personal protection equipment.
Rueda also asked residents to comply with a new county directive that masks be worn when in public.
“That will further help reduce the likelihood of transmission,” Rueda said.
As for the San Marino Police, Chief John Incontro reported “no issues” in his department.
“Things are going well,” Incontro said. “Everyone is healthy, we are adapting to the social distancing and wearing masks both in the office and out in the community. We hope that when the community sees us, they will follow our lead.”
Incontro confirmed a report that young people have been gathering behind Huntington Middle School and playing basketball on the courts.
“We are going to increase our patrols, but parents need to stop allowing their children to go there,” Incontro said. “Kids also need to take some responsibility for themselves. Find something else to do. In a short period of time, you will be allowed to come back and play.”
Both department chiefs agreed with a recent decision to alter the flow of pedestrian traffic on the inner and outer loops inside Lacy Park, which will now allow walking or running in one direction for each loop.
“This will keep people from making contact with one another and allow for maximum separation,” Rueda said.
“We want to keep Lacy Park open as much as possible,” Incontro said. “We constantly monitor the park so that people have a good, safe place to go.”


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