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Superintendent’s Message of Congratulations, Hope

For the first time since World War II, there will be almost no in-person graduations across our nation. As the COVID crisis quickly unfolded, high schools everywhere acted swiftly. Students were sent home, many leaving personal items behind in lockers and classrooms. Surely we would be coming back to finish the year together, right?  Maybe we would even have abbreviated baseball, softball and track seasons … they wouldn’t actually cancel those, would they?! 
But here we are. Empty lockers, beautiful fields ready for play, empty tennis courts, gyms and auditoriums, and each of you sequestered at home with your devices always on, always engaged. But hope has remained alive as well. Hope that you will have that one last gathering, that one last celebration, that one last hug.
One thing is certain: Our Titan class of 2020 will truly have unique stories to tell of their final days of high school. Movies will be made and books written about this crazy time in our nation’s history, and our graduates will take center stage. Sixty years from now, bouncy little grandkids will sit on laps across this country and hear from grandma or gramps how they graduated from high school “way back in the day” in front of an LED screen or from the inside of a car. Who knows — maybe your grandchildren will laugh that you even had an LED screen and “what is a car, anyway?”
What will never change about the class of 2020 is your resilience, adaptability, empathy for the plight of your classmates and love for your school, teachers and community. We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments. You are an outstanding class populated with amazing young scholars and leaders. You have much to be proud of.  We will celebrate together in the coming days ­— of that I am confident. For now, celebrate and show your love for each other in very unique and fun ways.
Congratulations, San Marino High School class of 2020!

— Jeff Wilson,
SMUSD Superintendent


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