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St. Edmund’s Community Gathers for Spring Festival

St. Edmund’s preschool recently became a hub of enthusiasm as families attended the recent spring festival.
At the spring kick-off event, students danced to the sounds of the BeatBuds and explored various age-friendly carnival activities. Families also ate In-N-Out and
Handel’s for dessert. Head of School Liz Westphal said the school is happy to have
this event on campus again. “We are a tightknit community who missed this opportunity to be together at the festival during COVID,” Westphal said. “It is good
to see families in-person enjoying the festivities.”

View or purchase individual photos

View or purchase individual photos

Andrew, Grady, Harper, Bernie and Miles Pittroff

Perrie, Norah, Noelle and Janis Jones

Event organizers Jessica Davis, Nicole Lamb, Head of School Liz Westphal, Diana Sala and Merry Gresham

Lillian Burnett, Harper Pittroff and Ava Burnett

Ethan, Tiffany, Tim and Emily Barden

Elin Tang and Selah Newton

Alex, Claire, Annelise and Jonathan Lin with Charlie Warner

Violet (front, from left) and Beckett Chacon. Back: Tessa and Scott Chacon.

Sunny, Colin, Janak and James Chandrasoma

Marques, Sienna, Zoey and Merry Gresham

 Daniel, Este, Nadia, Milo and Elin Tang

 Maya and Geno Lee

 Cora and Lisa Nicchitta

 Louise, Logan, Jennifer and Beau Tiari with Connie, Emma and Ben Rubke

 Diana and Caroline Ralph


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