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SMHS Holds Icebreaker Dance

San Marino Hig

The San Marino High School campus was a hub of activity following its football home opener against the Norwalk Lancers as students gathered for the ASB-organized Icebreaker Dance to cap off their first week of school.

ASB Adviser Courtney Rushing was happy to see the students’ enthusiastic participation, and she is “optimistic for another great Titan year.”


Photos by Larissa Althouse

The Tribune

  1. Catie Tang, Esther Lian, Taline Nesnas and Mitchell Tuey
  2. Ruiyi Yang, Wenqi Yu and Jiarong Chen
  3. Eden Loble, Xinyi Li, Danica Lee and Julien Collet
  4. Waylon Ho, Audrey Chang, Laura Lin, Queenee Li, Valeri Zhu, Hailey Ng and Nikki Yamamoto
  5. Katherine Shew, Caroline Wang, Olivia Hsu, Paige Teng, Sarah Tran and Preston Tong
  6. Alena Riboli, Leah Dean, Paige Di Bona, Kaia Chandler, Makayla Hernandez, Nicole Bruning, Lauren Martinez and Charli Redshaw
  7. Mimi Bernstein, Kattia Bradshaw, Madison No, Lily Mata, Rossetti Rackham and Ayla Greer
  8. Daghan Ustundag, Joseph Torres and Owen Pierre
  9. Winston Radon, Ari Kohl and Mason Pucan
  10. Sabrina Garcia, Lila Giardina, Daniela Levy and Kelly Singhal
  11. Clare Gonzalez (front, from left), Ella Karr, Maleah Martinez and Sophia McNulty. Back: Nancy and Madison McNulty, Emily Yang and Kathryn Suh.
  12. Chloe Ta, Helene Miller, Alexandra Hughes and Lola Avetisian
  13. Sam Xia, Jeremy Karkafi, Jamie Bercaw and Blake Rousset
  14. Chloe Ta, Chloe Linden and Keidyn Liu
  15. Liam Thomas, Santiago Monroy, Aldo Cali and Mason Pucan
  16. Taylor Tan, Sam Xia, Clement Troung and Jason Chen


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