Chinese Club Kicks Off Mid-Autumn Festival

The Chinese Club of San Marino held a kickoff party for its upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival last Saturday at the home of Cole and Cindy Harris. President Alan Chen welcomed guests and Mid-Autumn chair Shawn Chou announced the Old Hollywood theme for this year’s event, which will be held on Saturday, Nov. 3, at 6:00 p.m. at the San Gabriel Hilton.
Jennifer Wi, C. Joseph Chang, Nancy Lee and Stephen Ma
Johans Lin, Cory Lai, Tony Chou, Paul Su and Alice Su
Vice Mayor Dr. Steven Huang, Tommy Tang and Mayor Steve Talt
Event hosts Cole and Cindy Harris
Mid-Autumn Festival chair Shawn Chou, Maggie Lee and Police Chief John Incontro
Erica Chiang, Lisa Wang, Luyi Khasi and Shawn Chou
Allan and Abby Cheng with Jennifer Shen and Jesse Hong
Yvonne Cheng and Chinese Club President Alan Chen
Michael and Stefanie Killackey with Wendy and Johans Lin
Having fun announcing the Old Hollywood theme are “George Bailey” (front) from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Back: Jenny Chiang, “Marilyn Monroe,” Chun-Yen Chen, Maggie Lee, Vanessa Koo, Lindsey Huang, Mei Mei Ku, Erica Chiang, Julia Yiu, Ying Ying Lin, Shelly Ryan, Julia Kao, “Betty Boop” and Nancy Lee.
Chinese Club board members include John Chou, Shirley Lee, Erica Chiang, Maggie Lee, President Alan Chen, Nancy Lee, Tony Chou, Chun-Yen Chen, Shawn Chou, Joyce Lin, Jenny Chiang and David Wang.
Peter Koh, Sandra Chen Lau, James Lau and Leslee Talt
Cole Harris, Cathy Ude and City Councilman Ken Ude
Steve Talt, City Councilwoman Susan Jakubowski and Calvin Lo
John Incontro and Maribel Incontro with Ananth Natarajan
Frank Chen, Joyce Lin, Shirley Lee and Luyi Khasi
Maria Rueda, Fire Chief Mario Rueda, City Manager Marcella Marlowe and Patrick Beals
Lindsey Huang, Peggy Chang and Kai Li Chang
Lindsey Huang, Ying Ying Lin and Julia Lin
Edith Lai, Elaine Hon, Jimmy Lai and Ada Hsu