Huntington Ball Celebrates Under the Stars

Nearly 500 of the Huntington Library’s Society of Fellows, members and guests gathered for the annual Huntington Ball last Saturday night. Celebrating “99 Years and Counting,” the black-tie event included cocktails, dinner and dancing, and was held under the stars on the Huntington’s Dorothy Brown Collins Lawn, facing the historic Boone Gallery, built in 1920. The more than $650,000 raised will support the Huntington’s research and educational programming. Event chair Loren Rothschild also serves as the chair of the board of trustees.
Jim Fitzgerald and Lois Derry
Kyle, Erica, Nick, Jen and Adam Fetter with Lauren McAlister
Nick and Jen Fetter with Lynda and Blaine Fetter
Rose Hong, Jason Lee, Daisy Wei and Annie Ye
Linda Chang, Joel Axelrod and Anne Rothenberg
John and Mary Hatton, Eric Liebrich and Dan Jobe
Loren and Francis Rothschild, Kirsten Hansen and Allen Shay
John and Jennifer Berger
Julie Waller, Mary Wagner and Paula Steele
Charles and Eileen Read with Burt Banta
Lily Lee, Julie Woo, Stephanie Dencik, Lauren Albrecht, Dimple Bhasin and Joyce Sakonju
Raphael and Tyra Henderson with Monica and Art Saldivar
Tim Sloan and John Barger
Jim Barbour and Frank Sabaitis
Jim and Julie Barbour with Corinne and Frank Sabaitis
Teddy and Nicole Basseri
Mark Cohen, Rachael Worby, and Leanne and Ron Havner
Kim and Ted Sutherland
Michael Albrecht, Leo Dencik and Ton Chang
Rob and Julie Waller, Mary and John Wagner, Paula and Bill Steele, Kim and Ted Sutherland with Evelyn and Steve Boss
Evelyn and Steve Boss
Andy Barth and Mayor Steve Talt
Laurie and David Turner with Kristin and Tim Smith
Lisa Sloan, Gregg Sherkin and Lisa Gallo
Lisa Sloan and Lisa Gallo
Karen Preston, Sandra Belloso and Shauna Barger
Lora Unger and Sandra Belloso
Lora Unger and Phil Swan
David DiCristofaro and Jennifer McKinnon
Rob and Beth Hansen
Shauna and John Barger, Karen and Mike Preston, Kathryn Barger and Eric Leibrich
Dan and Fran Biles with Dan Rothenberg
Charlie Mustachia, Bei Saville, Diane Rankin, Kaycee Laroza, Don Laroza, Forouzan Faridian, Kamyab Hashemi-Nejad, Muffy Hunt and Anne Blomstrom
Marian and Ted Carver, Kristin and Tim Smith, Rob Gallo and Lisa Stevens, Tim and Lisa Sloan, and Erin and Stender Sweeney
Rob and Beth Hansen, Stephanie and Harris Hall, Jennifer and John Berger, Bart and Michele Doll, Dan Monahan, Berkeley and Kristin Harrison, Steve and Chantal Bennett, Charlie and Sandra Plowman, David DiCristofaro and Jennifer McKinnon, and Jenny Watts and Bill Deverell
Karen and Peter Lawrence
Allen Shay and Kirsten Hansen, Gina Riberi, Linda Hansen, Daryl and Jim Twerdahl, Jay and Jacqueline Krieger, Pam and Steve Kessler, Jill and Richard Will, Helen and Philippe Tartavull, Pat Johnson, John and Terry Diefenbach, and James Glisson
Chantal and Steve Bennett
Dave Davis and Chris Benter
Randy and Mona Shulman
Chuck Livingstone and Rosie Bell
Kathryn Barger and Eric Leibrich
Dan and Fran Biles with Stephanie and Leo Dencik
Steve and Leslee Talt
Erin and Stender Sweeney
Mark Cohen and Rachael Worby
Heather and Walter Mix
Linda Chang and Joel Axelrod