Valentine’s Sweet Treat: Donuts at Dawn

Photos by Larissa Althouse 1. Book Fair chair Danielle Dabbs, Kathy Chien, Donuts at Dawn chair Lisa Vuong, Wendy Cheng, Book Fair chair Pauline Mu Zeitlin and Dania Sigler 2. Kyle Sakai with Ethan and Faith Morey 3. Elizabeth and Isabella Huang 4. Sunny Lee and Chloe Dabbs 5. Anne and Anna Sun, Jai Li, Sophia, and Yu and Susan Sun 6. William, Dana and Annabelle Stenvick 7. Michel Wei and Aria Hodge-Grande 8. Shazia and Emaan Khan 9. Cori and Inara Solan 10. Ashley, Debbie and Lucas Huang 11. Sheila and John Holland 12. Austin Clougherty, Valentine PTA President Erin Clougherty and Georgia Clougherty 13. Annabelle Stenvick, Celia Holland, and India and Iyla Buhler 14. Hailey, Joy and Andrew Flores 15. Tristan and Joyce Lafko 16. Judy, Noa, Ron and Koa Buranasakorn