HMS Presents ‘Music From Around the World’

Huntington Middle School and elementary orchestras from Carver and Valentine held their annual winter concert titled “Music From Around the World.” Taking place at Huntington’s White Auditorium, the concert began with director Rob Folsom introducing the elementary group, the majority of which, as Folsom announced, began learning to play in October. Following the elementary orchestra was the HMS beginning orchestra whose dazzling rendition of “Sleigh Ride” was one of the highlights of the evening. Another highlight was the intermediate orchestra’s performance of “Spring Breezes,” an arrangement of a well-known Taiwanese folk song. Concluding the program was the chamber orchestra, the only one group requiring an audition. They played “Schindler’s List.” Soloists Valerie Kuo (violin) and Christopher Jiang (cello) gave a riveting performance.