Carver Club Enjoys Weekly Walk to School

Carver Elementary School’s K-Patrol members Christopher Luu, Braden Guo, Daniel Umans, Mason Szeto and Ethan Guo with Principal Mike Lin. These intrepid 5th graders help younger students get to class safely each morning. 2 Candy Phelan’s 1st-grade class won the coveted Golden Shoe Award for having the highest percentage of students participate in last Friday’s Carver Walking Club event. Attendees included Allison Ba, Po-Chieh Chang, Christopher Chiu, Cindy Delgado, Ezra Ferguson, Francine Garibay, Cameron Hansing, Lillian Johansing, Oliver Kwan, Janice Li, Courtney Lin, Rachel Liu, Edward Ma, Benjamin Morris, Kono Okuno, Nikoo Otoukesh, Jamie Truong, Dylan Wu, Stanly Wu and Jeremiah Young. 3 Carver parents and safety crew volunteers William Lin and Suzie Lee 4 Members of the San Marino Police Department are always close by during the weekly Carver Walking Club event. 5 Students and chaperones approach Carver from the east and west every Friday morning for Walking Club. 6 A large contingent of students enter the Carver campus, heading westbound on Huntington Drive.