San Marino High School Parent Party 2021

Photo captions: Photos by Larissa Althouse Pictures: 1. Gene Chuang and event emcee Mitch Lehman 2. Yvonne Cheng and Russell Kibbee 3. Cassie Zappaterreno with Mark and Danica Hughes 4. Carlos and Rabiya Kassam-Clay 5. Michael and Kristen Xu, Caroline and Jason Fabbro, and Rich and Jenny Anthony 6. Jennifer Kamal, David Wang, Jacki Chuang, Dong Hui Wang and Sylvia Koh 7. Bobbie Parwar and Lynn Eriksen 8. Chris Leko and Michelle Pauline 9. Jackie and Jack Schaedel 10. Julie Foong, Salve Flores, Soo Lin and Kimi Tamara 11. Into and Alison Champon 12. Joel Newton, Matt and Melissa Short, and Jacki and Gene Chuang 13. Daisy and Jon Wilson with Dan Giddings 14. Lynette and Fred Sohl with Paul and Laurie Modean 15. Vanessa Acosta, Rabiya and Carlos Kassam-Clay, and Debi Cribbs 16. Angela Mavridis and Maurice Saldebar 17. Angela Sze, Linda Gutierrez and Grace Navarrete 18. Dave Bell, Dean Glasse and Hector Gutierrez 19. Event chairs Theresa Murphy, Josè Caire and Beth Davis 20. Diana Bell, Bobbie Parwar, Linda Gutierrez, Grace Navarrete and Jane Feinberg 21. Kim Siegmund and John Ryan