NCL Debs, Families Treasure Every Moment

The San Marino Area Chapter of National Charity League held its 56th annual Debutante Ball at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in the Crystal Ball Room on Saturday, Dec. 22. “Treasure Every Moment” was the theme for the 2018 Debutante Season, celebrating the many philanthropic, leadership and cultural opportunities treasured during the past six years, while also looking forward to the future that awaits these young ladies who were presented on the arms of their fathers. The ball paid tribute to the debutantes of the class of 2018 who completed more than 13,000 hours of service, volunteering at the various philanthropies supported by the San Marino Area Chapter of National Charity League during their six years of membership. NCL President Alison McCrary and ball chairs Elizabeth Karr and Maricel de Cardenas greeted guests upon their entry into the ballroom. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of each debutante on the arm of her father as she was introduced with an acknowledgement of her accomplishments and special NCL memories. The mothers of the young women were also introduced and recognized for their dedication to the mission of NCL, which serves to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership and cultural experiences.
Mike McCrary, Joseph Sanok, Fred Sohl and Steve Eriksen
Penelope Boone, Brenna Bowlen and Rachel Cho
Steve, Lauren and Lynn Eriksen
Pete Richards, Cacey Riley, David Ireland and Lisa Walker
Enio Iezza, Lauren, Jordan, Carolyn, Flavia and Jim Lo Coco, and Ada, Franco and Leanne Iezza
Morgan Barket, Dina, Caitlin, Courtney and Michael McCall, and Sean Lee
Caitlyn McCall, Maggie Gervais, Bobbie Byrne, Carolyn Lo Coco and Courtney McCall
Caitlyn McCall, Maggie Gervais, Bobbie Byrne, Carolyn Lo Coco and Courtney McCall
Alec Chen, David Sandoval, Greg Dulcich, Brian Byrne and Dominic Kang
Mark Iezza, Sam Chimenti, Carolyn Lo Coco, Antonio Thomas and Francois Haeberle
Dina (front row, from left), Courtney, Caitlyn and Marilyne McCall. Back: Michael McCall, Kyle McCall, Morgan Barket, Sean Lee and John McCall.
Debutante Ball committee members include (front row, from left) Linda Gutierrez, Jennifer Thompson, Una Battaglia, Elizabeth Saldebar, co-chairs Elizabeth Karr and Maricel de Cardenas, NCL President Alison McCrary, Lynette Sohl, Jackie Samartin and Christina Pink. Back: Diane Pirzada, Grace Navarrete, Lonnie Sanok, Laurie Modean and Diana Bell.
Diane Pirzada, Maricel de Cardenas, Lonnie Sanok, Grace Navarrete, Elizabeth Saldebar, Elizabeth Karr, Diana Bell and Lynette Sohl
Grace Collins, Carolyn Lo Coco, Maggie Gervais, Samantha Chean-Udell and Caroline Collins
Julianne McLane, Rachel Cho, Emily McLane, Brenna Bowlen and Penelope Boone
George Hotaling, Allison Byrne, Will Hotaling, Katy Bell, Bobbie Byrne, Madie Hotaling, Charlotte Sohl, Bridget Byrne and John Byrne
Courtney McCall (front row, from left), Caitlyn McCall, Madeleine Hotaling and Alexandria Im. Back: Bobbi Byrne, Carolyn Lo Coco and Maggie Gervais.
Caroline Collins, Ryan Dubb, Janna DeVera, Lucy and Molly Gervais, Tori Conlon and Pete Richards
Mary Kane, Lee and Babe Sanderson, Signa Raymer and Donnelle Bruhn
Mary Kay (front row, from left), Pat Wong, Wendy, Kaden and Vanessa Chai, Elizabeth Kay-Im, Wendy Kay, Jenny Kay, Caroline Kuo and Wellington Kay. Back: Eastwood Im and Jacob Kay.
Lisa Walker, David Ireland, Dick, Bitsy, George and Bernadette Hotaling, Marsi Lauble and Henry Hotaling
Mark, Cindy, John and Allison Byrne with Michelle and Tom Carter
Alexandria Im and Elizabeth Kay-Im
Alisa and Candice Castro
Annette Aladeta and Jessica Uriarte
Billy Wardlaw, John Haskin, Alec Nikou-Smith and Chase Lemos
Bridget Byrne, Katy Bell and Charlotte Sohl
David Smith Jr., Alexis and Shannon Lemos, and Yvette Nikoui-Smith
Elizabeth Karr, Linda Gutierrez and Laurie Modean
Emily and Una Battaglia
Grace Collins, Samantha Chean-Udell and Gracie Bender
Joseph Sanok, Steve Eriksen and Dave Bell
Matthew Barriga, Katie Bender and Nicholas Konrad
Lisa Walker, Dina McCall and Bernadette Hotaling
Lynette Sohl and Jacky Samartin
Lynette Sohl, Lynn Eriksen, Elizabeth Saldebar and Lonnie Sanok
Maricel de Cardenas, Alison McCrary and Jacky Samartin
Maggie Gervais and Carolyn Lo Coco
Matt Palmer and Sheri Bender