Rotary Celebrates Christmas Early With Holiday Party

1. Linda Wah, Grace Yang and Rob Feidler 2. President J.P. Mainguy, Aaron Weise and President-elect Rob Feidler 3. Valerie Weise and Debbie Priester 4. Georg and Ann Eittinger, Fary Yassamy and J.P. Mainguy 5. Teddy and Nicole Basseri with Isaac Hung 6. C. Joseph Chang, Paul Brassard and Jesse Hong 7. Cali Otgonbat, Bulgantamir E., Grace Yang, and Liz and Dennis Kneier 8. Barbara Hoskins and Aaron Gil 9. Lois Derry, Debbie Priester, Valerie Weise and Peter Corzo 10. Bill and Mary Payne with Janet and John Jones (center) 11. Peter Young and Kathy Selders 12. Luyi Khasi and Shawn Chou 13. Judy and Wayne Carter with Lois and Phil Matthews 14. J.P. Mainguy, Grace Yang, and Lynette and Fred Sohl 15. Gilda Moshir, Lois Derry and Mary Payne 16. Maurice Saldebar, Grace Yang and Frank Antonides