The Chinese Club of San Marino’s the Mid-Autumn Festival, “Shall We Dance”

1. Lisa Wang, MC Luyi Khasi and Shawn Chou 2. Frank Chen, event chair Chun Yen Chen, 2022 President-elect Nancy Lee, President Maggie Lee and Darren Sun 3. Jenny Chiang, Michelle Chen, Lindsey Huang, Claudia Lin and Erica Chiang 4. Joe and Lulu Yuan with Alice and Howard Liu 5. Jimmy Zhang, Tony Shyu and Peter Koh 6. Mike Fong, Panney Wei, and Abby and Allen Cheng 7. Albert Chen, Allen Cheng, Mike Fong, Andrew Wong, Ken Mak and John Chou 8. San Marino Fire Chief Mario Rueda, City Treasurer Annie Han, Vice Mayor Susan Jakubowski, Chris Norgaard and Richard Sun 9. C. Joseph Chang, Jenny Chiang, Yvonne and Alan Chen, and Jesse Hong 10. San Marino School Board member C. Joseph Chang, District Superintendent Linda de la Torre, Chief Technology Officer Stephen Choi, Carver Principal Mike Lin and Chinese Club President Maggie Lee 11. David and Lisa Wang, Zillah Tobiano and Annie Tang 12. Cindy Yung, Carol Huang and Lisa Wang 13. Xin Yan Huang, Andrea Yamamoto, Anel Gorham, Helen Phan, Celina Duffy and Carla Figueroa