Pasadena Guild of Children’s Hospital Hosts Ball

1001: Caroline and Ellie Dick, Paulette Geragos, Leslie Kevorkian, and Leslie and Lisa Dick 1016: Michael, Lynette and Emily Sohl, Peifen Ko, and Veronique, Chloe and Fred Sohl 1031: Annette Ermshar, Ellen Tonin, Bart , Michelle and Sally Doll, and Bruno Tonin 1038, 1039: Event chairs Jinny Dalbeck, Sarah Shelton and Rita Bristol 1046: Chuck, Robyn and Hayden Tapert, Julia Hamilton and Tim Smith 1050: Caroline Holdsworth, Addison Lillard, Julia Queen, Megan Kelleher and Mary Whitford 1051, 1052: Tom Moffat with Sally and Steve Mann 1056: Kirsten Hanson, Michelle Doll, Annette Ermshar, Kristin Harrison and Beth Hanson 1069, 1072: Rob and Rachel Fox, Steve and Sherry Harper, and Benjamin Fogel and Harper Fox