Huntington Ball Kicks Off Yearlong Centennial Celebration

Six hundred guests enjoyed the annual Huntington Ball last Saturday night in San Marino. Attendees celebrated the beginning of the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens’ centennial with fine dining and dancing under the stars in the gardens. Chairs for the event were Andy and Avery Barth. The event’s platinum sponsors were the Barths and Tim and Lisa Sloan; gold sponsors were Heather and Paul Haaga and Geneva and Chuck Thornton; silver sponsors were Wendy Munger and Lenny Gumport. The premier tables were supported by Susan and Stephen Chandler, Edison International, Lynda and Blaine Fetter, the Havner Family Foundation, Kirsten Hansen and Allen Shay, Wells Fargo and the WHH Foundation. Karen Lawrence is The Huntington’s president.
Cynthia and Vincent Ary
Stephanie and Greg McLemore
Chantal Bennett, Beth Hansen, Annette Ermshar, Stephanie Dencik and Stephanie McLemore
Simon and Ulan Shao
Jennifer Allen, Kim Shepherd, Kris Popovich and Tricia Fink
Avery and Andy Barth with Huntington President Karen Lawrence
Michael Hart and Emery Younes
Paul and Heather Haaga, Bill and Laura Olhasso, and Kay and David Linden
Justine and Luis Gonzalez, Andrea Ambriz, Alice Juarez, Jessica Flores, Tiffiney Lockett, Christopher Juarez, Lani Pacheco, Raphael and Tyra Henderson, Steve Anderson and Emery Younes
Emery Younes, Justine and Luis Gonzalez, Tiffiney Lockett, Steve Anderson, Alice Juarez and Raphael Henderson
Tiffaney Lockett, Raphael Henderson and Alice Juarez
Raphael and Tyra Henderson
Sterling, Jennifer, Anne and Cory Hathaway
Kristen Hansen (front row, from left) and Pam Kessler. Back: Allen Shay and Steve Kessler.
Tim and Lisa Sloan
Andy and Avery Barth with Lisa and Tim Sloan
Randy and Mona Shulman
Jennifer and John Berger
Sue McGuirl and Bob Musselman
Karen Lawrence with Jim and Sue Femino
Steven and Lindsey Huang, Gretchen Shepherd Romey and Michael Romey
Henry Kwong, Iris Yang, Emma Ye, Stefanie and Mike Killackey, C. Joseph and Shwu Chang, Lindsey and Steven Huang, and Alan Chen
Steve English, Molly Munger and Dave Davis
Susan Chandler, Rachael Worby, Mark Cohen and LeeAnn Havner
Chris and Jennifer Allen with Linan and Bill Ukropina
Ed and Noelle Aloe with Emily and Joe Viola
Alexis, Frank and Mona Mapel with Claudia Funke
Sharon Tomkins with Charles and Eileen Read
Andy and Avery Barth with Laurie and Paul Modean
Jim and Linda Taylor with Margot and Mitch Milias
Donna and John Rochford
Nancy Davis, Martha Tolles, MaryLou Boone and Kathy Offenhauser
Susan and Drew Pinsky
Eric Leibrich and Kathryn Barger with Shauna and John Barger
Mike and Karen Preston
Gregg Smith and Chelby Crawford with Maria and Terry Tornek
Phil and Sara Swan, Linda Taylor, Danny Feldman, Stefanie Black and Jim Taylor
Vivi Wahl, Dori Mukherjee, Kim Garber and Kristen Ray
Steve Kessler (front row, from left), Erik Peterson, Steve Bennett, Bart Doll, Allen Shay, Rob Hansen, Bob Musselman, Jonathan Ward, Justin Ottinger and Richard Will. Back: Pam Kessler, Chantal Bennett, Michele Doll, Kirsten Hansen, Linda Hansen, Beth Hansen, Elee Wood, Jamie Ward, Jill Will and Sue McGuirl.
Julie Campoy (front row, from left), Seth Baker, Dan Monahan, Leo Dencik, John Berger, Michael Williamson, Greg McLemore and Cory Hathaway. Back: Michael Chandler, Anne, Jennifer and Sterling Hathaway, Charlie Plowman, Annette Ermshar, Stephanie Dencik, Eileen Williamson, Jennifer Berger, Meghan Baier, Sandra Belloso, Stephanie McLemore and Harris Hall.