Chinese Club Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

The Chinese Club of San Marino’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the largest fundraiser put on by an organization that has enthusiastically supported local schools and community programs, attracted about 250 revelers to the Sheraton Hotel in San Gabriel on Sunday. Tony Chou chaired the event, whose theme was “Around the World.” The club, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, provides a link for families that have recently immigrated and promotes Chinese culture, arts and educational programs. Shawn Chou is president of the group, which over the years has donated more than $1 million to San Marino schools and programs.
Kathy Chien, Joyce Lafko, Morgan Chou, Cindy Yung, Weni Wilson and Carol Huang
Fairy Guo, Leilei Wang, Phoenix Cai, Tina Shen and Lily Xiao
Lisa and David Wang
Bruce Lafko, Shawn Chou and Charles Chien
Stephen Ma, Kathy Lee, Jennifer Chien, Oscar Chien and Nancy Lee
Margaret Natarajan, Wendy Hsu, Rebecca Lin, Alice Wang, Ashley Chen, Jannette Sy, Lisa Wang and Susan Jakubowski
Paul Su, John Hsu, Kent Sy, Wen Hou, Calvin Lo and Gary Chien
Janice Wong, Joyce Yeh, Nancy Hsu and Pearl Tang
Issaic Gates, Gabrielle Carlton and Elijah Carlton
David Wang, Joe Tseng, Josh Chen, Ananth Natarajan, Boren Chen and Stephen Ma
Lisa Wang, Peggy Chang, Annie Han, Ivy Sun, Richard Sun, Irene Shen and Christina Park
Richard Sun, Peter Wong, Vivian Wong and Ivy Sun
Sun Young, Jessica Tran, Grace Li and Michelle Tang
AJ Faure, Beth Davis, Jane Chon and Alana Faure
Celina and Owen Duffy
Peter Koh and James Lau
Abbie and Peter Kao
Grace Huang and Brile Chung, Bob Houston, Nancy and Jonathan Ko, and Huannie Shen
Marcella Marlowe, John Incontro and Maggie Lee
David Wang, David Wang and David Wang
Calvin Lo, Susan Jakubowski, Judy Chu, Marilyn Peck and Hunter Chang
Shawn Chou, Congresswoman Judy Chu and Tony Chou
Calvin Lo, Suh Lai, Cordelia Wong, Elaine Hon, Chinese Club co-founder Julili Chang, Dr. T. Chang, Eva Wong and Jenny Chiang
Maria Manibog, Luyi Khasi and Gretchen Shepherd Romey
Wen Hou, Ted Wei, Chinese Club co-founder Noli Wei, Peggy Chang, Nancy Yung, Dr. Allan Yung and John Chou
Winston Chou, Shawn Chou and Tony Chou
Jennifer Wi, Chun-Yen Chen, Tony Chou and Nancy Lee
Cory Lai, Jennifer Wi, Alan Chen and Maggie Lee
Michiko Lee, Nicolette Fuerst, Lauren Shen, Christina Pink and Stefanie Killackey
John Incontro with Nicole and Teddy Basseri
Aaron and Marie Gil, Fary Yassamy and James Nash
Gretchen Shepherd Romey, Marilyn Peck and Susan Jakubowski
Sophia and Jim Angelos
Meredith and Tony Jew
Joyce Lafko and Carol Huang
Gretchen Shepherd Romey and Sylvia Koh
Simin Pan, Huiwen Pan, Ann Chen, Lily Li and Linda Zou
Winston, Shawn and Morgan Chou, Luyi Khasi, Michelle Yu and Troy Kuo
Pearl Tang and Paul Chen