Carver PTA Goes to the Circus at Gala

Carver Elementary School PTA held its annual parent party, “The Greatest Show: A Million Dreams Gala,” on Saturday. The vintage-circus-themed event was held under the big top of the Sheraton San Gabriel, owned by Carver Elementary parent Celia Sun. The parent party ringmasters were Jennifer Park, Christine Hyun Song and Cathy Newton. Parents were dressed in their gala best, along with some guests dressed in circus-themed attire to light up the night. A silent auction was held, which included some rare items, such as the ringmaster costume worn by Principal Michael Lin for the promotional parent party video. There were plenty of fun games throughout the evening for guests to play and raise money for the school. Parents were able to get their fortunes read by Zoltar from the movie “Big,” test their strength with a high striker game, take photos with “Hugh Jackman” in the photo booth, try out a vintage love-tester game and even get a caricature done with an artist on hand. During the paddle-raise portion of the night, the six top donors were able to take home one of the special stuffed animals adorning the stage choosing between a dragon, unicorn, elephant, lion, tiger and a giraffe.
Cathy and Joel Newton
Diana Han and Lindsey Huang
Amy and David Morris
Jenny Ngo, Tieu-My Nguyen and Alice Chen
Paige Bjarne, Sri Abboy and Jinny Tong
Issaic Gates, Jacki Chuang, and Jennifer and Corey Barberie
Issaic Gates and Rachelle Gayl
Karla and Steve Domier
Bob and Lindsey Rosvall with Stuart Min
Soo Lin, Yvonne Cheng and Tieu-My Nguyen
Ronnie Ching and Ivan Law
Maria Manibog, Stefanie Killackey, Luyi Khasi and Rosemary Lay
Ruth Walker and Esther Walcha
Howard and Elizabeth Chen, Jocelyn Go Young, Johnny Young and Edward Zee
Annie Guo, Samantha Zheng and Sharon Tong
Issa and Sue Nesnas
Jennifer Chen, Cindy Wu and Megan Lee
Andy and Miki Walker with Annaliza and Jeremy Hail
Vivien Li and Donna Zou
Dr. Steven Huang, Susan Jakubowski, C. Joseph Chang, Corey Barberie and Michael Lin
David Wang and Robert Matthews
Alex and Becki Watlington
Ameen Ahmad and Anna Li
Judy Cheung, Nicole Kent and Erin McGee
Courtney and Greg Meier
Raphael Cooper, Michael Chen, Clem Chung, Arjang Kasravi and Jonathan Chang
Vivien Zheng, Ling Dong, Samantha Chen, Tina Feng and Julie Zhu
Christine Song, Cathy Newton and Jennifer Park
Vivian Lu, Sylvia Koh, Rosy Wu and Ming Peng
Michael Lin, Christine Song, Cathy Newton, Jennifer Park and Jacki Chuang
Alex Watlington, Luyi Khasi, Susan Jakubowski, Gene Chuang and Shawn Chou
Lauren Shen and Kathryn Oliveros
Annie Wang, Annie Chui, Gloria Hou, Missy Luk and Inez Cheng
Matt and Mikah O’Mara
Lisa and David Wang
Annie Tang, Robin Shou and Lisa Wang
Patti and Spencer Sabo
Corey and Jennifer Barberie, Meredith and Steve Sommers, and Michael Lin
Gene and Jacki Chuang
Brady and Karen Onishi