SMCC Nativity Pageant Tells Christmas Story

Going to the heart of the Christmas story, the San Marino Community Church Nativity Pageant was based on Scripture and performed by a cast consisting mostly of children. Written and directed by Natalie MacMillan, the SMCC children’s ministries director, and Associate Pastor for Family Ministries Becca Bateman, the Christmas Eve pageant featured Lucy Todd Sam Merryman as Grandma and Grandpa, who is asked to tell the Christmas story by kids played by Alice Todd, Isabel Edwards and Lexi Merryman. Marloe Vaughan Lower portrayed Gabriel, who was accompanied by angels played by Sloane Maling, Juliet Repstad and Kylie Hu. Charlie Hayes, Grant Walker and Levi Vaughan Lower filled the roles of shepherds; Mary was played by Catherine Hayes and Joseph by Gray Edwards. Wise Persons were Maddy Cooper and Rita Chu. The star of the show — literally — who led the way to Bethlehem was played by was Henry Repstad.