NCL Honors Longtime Members

1. Olive Chao and Jennifer Wood 2. Lisa Wang and Helen Phan 3. Chris Yoo, Rosemary Lay and Denise Sun 4. Susan Lim and Jennifer Thompson 5. Lulu Cates, Rosemary Graham and Annie David 6. Sue Nesnas, Rene Pak, Doris Cheung and Sylvia Koh 7. Laurie Modean, Grace Navarrete, Leslee Talt and Alison Moller 8. Zarana Patel and Carol Huang 9. Abby Chang, Allison Byrne and Diana Bell 10. Lynette Sohl, Chris Yoo and Rusini Haris-Rosen 11. Krishna Rao and Beth Davis 12. Lauren Shen and Jacki Chuang 13. Angela Loewel, Stefanie Lutero and Moya Collins 14. Alexis Anvekar, Julie Hill, Deborah Dawes and Elizabeth Saldebar 15. Usha Sutliff, Blythe Manning and San Marino NCL President Gabriela Crowell 16. Bonnie Hargett, Sri Abboy and Elise Brunner 17. Marcela Owens and Judy Huie Mena 18. Yvonne Cheng, Lindsey Huang and Shirley Lee 19. Shelia Rossi (front, from left), Lynette Sohl, Angela Loewel, Rene Pak, Stephanie Ginn, Weni Wilson, Denise Sun and Lonnie Sanok. Back: Allison Byrne, Leslee Talt, Mary Lee, Patti Pascale, Moya Collins and Annie David. 20. Michelle Rose (front, from left), Kristin Chapman, Shannon Snaer, Christin Yoo, Elizabeth Karr, Rusini Haris-Rosen, Stephanie Giardina, Deborah Dawes, Alison Moller, Beth Davis and Christine Chin. Back: Rosemary Graham, Lulu Cates, Grace Navarrete, Alexis Anvekar, Elizabeth Saldebar, Julie Hill, Sylvia Koh and Doris Cheung.