NCL Debutantes ‘See Wonders’ at 57th Ball

The San Marino Area Chapter of National Charity League recently held its 57th annual Debutante Ball at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in the Ballroom. “You Shall See Wonders” was the theme for the 2019 debutante season, celebrating the many philanthropic, leadership and cultural opportunities treasured during the past six years, while also looking forward to the future that awaits these young ladies who were presented on the arms of their fathers. The ball paid tribute to the debutantes, along with the other 2019 Ticktockers, who completed 19,000 hours of community service, volunteering at the various philanthropies supported during their six years of membership.
Theodore and Maria Torres, Martha Tague, and Nancy, Christina and Howard Pink
Marci Wendling, Kristin Chapman, Stacey Conzonire and Caroline Howell
Julie and Kelly Hannan, Alison McCrary and Ellie Hannan
Susan, Ernesto and Alyssa Rojas, Jason DuNah, Mansi Gokani, Roberta Salazar, Drew Pratt, Justene Pierce, David Salazar and Diane Pierce
Matthew Matsuda, Kelly Chang, Christine Mok, Kyana Huang, Jonathan Weng and Jamie Lam
Steve and Angela McLaren with Jack and Alex Samartin
Matt Harwich, Rob Collins and Don Vanhiel
Owen McCrary (front). Back: Kelly McCrary, Grace Bender, Sofia Miera, Rinn Maldonado and Talia Green.
Bob and Carol McCrary
Amanda Grannis, Lux Blum, Lucy Liversidge and Cole Swanson
Olivia McCrary, Ella Lopez and Lauren Doyle
Tommy Long, Zack Balbin, Kade Wentz and Joey Brunner
Max Bradley and Antonio Rojas
Katrin Doyle and Doug McCrary
Chris Wicke, Ben Miller, Jordan Sollitto and Joseph Cates
Lauren and Meghan Doyle, Kelly McCrary, Dina McCall, Nancy and Leah McCrary, Michael McCall, Jamie McCrary, Katrin Doyle and Doug McCrary
Paul Hittner, Jeff Hannan, Charles Perry and Rob Gluck
William Covey, Pete Collins, Brad Alford and Brian Snaer
Diana and David Bell, Cynthia and Vincent Ary, and Allison and John Byrne
Cannon Nielsen, Leily Rossi and Gavin Rossi
Lynn Eriksen, Cynthia Ary and Alexandra Brousseau
Catherine Lichtman, Elizabeth Klusman, Iyla Rossi and Elizabeth Pink
Samantha Covey, Sierra DuNah, Olivia Cameron, Sasha Torres, Kelli Samartin and Charlotte Collins
Mary Lowin, Diana Bell and Allison Byrne
Laurie Modean and Linda Gutierrez
Alan Rossi, Claire Kucera, Gavin Rossi, Lauren Baydaline, Cannon Nielsen and Leily Rossi
Charlie Perry, Tommy Hannan, J.P. Shohfi, John Snaer and Aidan Doheny
Jonathan Tsai, Spencer Mar, Baxton Chen, Joseph Kuo and Patrick McDonald
Israel Ibarra, Brandon King, Alexis Flores, Jamila Jelks, Katrina Yuzefpolsky, Brianna Antillon, Kami Busbee, Joey Thompson and Robbie Collins
Cynthia and Vincent Ary, Lynn and Steve Eriksen, and Michael and Alexandra Brousseau
Fiona Harwich, Beth Green and Natalie Alford
Dina and Michael McCall
Peter and Jaime Gertmenian, Ken Fox, Shane Fox, Sammy Sohl, Michelle Miller and Andrea Fox
Marlene and Robert Evans
Kate O’Malley, Allison Abrams and Bella Bain
Lynette Sohl, Elise Brunner and Rosemary Graham
Wil and Michelle Rose with Dave Bell
Gerald Cameron with Nicholas, Ashley, Stephanie and Gabriel Cruz
Esther and Emily Trujillo
Aidan Doheny, Lisa Doheny, and Lindsay and John Snaer
Caroline Howell and Amanda Grannis
Rob Gluck and Nick Howell
Max and Jennifer Torres, Michele Brookman, and Eva and Michael Hogan