NCL Clockwatchers Welcome New Members

The San Marino Area Chapter of National Charity League held its annual Clockwatcher Social & Tea at the home of Janice Conzonire in San Marino. The tea, with 58 in attendance, welcomed the incoming graduating patronesses from the chapter’s 2019 class. The Clockwatchers, led by co-chairs Ellen Torres, Cynthia Scannell and Margit Holakoui, is open to all NCL patronesses who have completed their six years of mother-daughter philanthropic service to the community. In keeping with the opportunity to meet new people and forge closer friendships while helping those in the community, the Clockwatchers continue to meet socially through monthly activities. Each year the Clockwatchers also provide financial support to the chapter’s Luncheon & Ball, scholarships and grants, as well as the wealth of their knowledge and leadership. The Clockwatchers group has more than 160 sustaining members.