Children Find Meaning in SMCC’s Nativity Pageant

Every year, San Marino Community Church’s Nativity Pageant captures the heart of the Christmas story told through a cast of children. This year the children’s pageant took place at the first of five Christmas Eve services celebrated by San Marino Community Church. This year’s pageant theme was a spinoff of “’Twas the Night Before Christmas,” written and directed by Becca Bateman, associate pastor for family ministries, and Natalie MacMillan, children’s ministries director. All children were invited to be a part of the pageant as little shepherds and angels in costume. During the pageant, children were invited to gather at the front of the sanctuary, and more than half the attendees raised their hands when asked if they had ever participated in a Nativity pageant themselves. San Marino Community Church is happy to play a part in this special tradition that is passed from one generation to the next.