Until Council Speaks, San Marino Residents Can Water 3 Days a Week

The City of San Marino temporarily lifted its two-days-a-week watering restriction last week in response to confusion caused by a California American Water mailer sent out to residents last month.

As of Aug. 1, residents are permitted to water their landscaping three days a week until the San Marino City Council addresses the issue at its Sept. 14 meeting.

According to the city, the restriction can only be modified by the city council.

The new watering schedule now includes the weekend. For odd-numbered addresses watering is permitted on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, while the new schedule for even-numbered addresses is Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Watering on Wednesday is still forbidden.

California American Water changed the sched ule after the State Water Resources Control Board and California Public Utilities Commission updated statewide drought rules.

The new rules allow California American Water and water providers across the state to permit watering three days a week so long as they are certified by the Public Utilities Commission to have a three-year water supply for its customers. California American Water received certification to reduce mandatory drought reductions on June 23.

The city’s water conservation ordinance remains in effect during the temporary restriction lift. Residents can find a full list of watering restrictions on the city’s website at www.cityofsanmarino.org/776/Water.