City Government News

San Marino City Officials Seek Input for Mission District Project

The Mission Beautification Project community meeting is slated for Tuesday, April 2, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the San Marino Community Center.

City Moves to New Website Address

San Marino has officially cut ties with “.org” in its website and email addresses to comply with state Assembly Bill 1637, which requires local government entities to obtain a “.gov” domain.

City Reports $1.8 Million Year-End Surplus, Approaches Deficit

San Marino’s interim Finance Director Terry Shea recently presented the City Council a 2023-24 mid-year budget snapshot, reporting that revenues are up compared to last year, projecting a year-end surplus of $1.8 million

San Marino City Council Advances ADU Compliance

The San Marino City Council recently discussed ways to amend the municipal code to implement state law regarding accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. Both staff and City Council expressed hope that the draft ordinance will be adopted.

Barger Claims Victory in Reelection Bid

Kathryn Barger claimed victory for her bid for a third and final term on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in the 5th District.

San Marino Police Warn of Law Enforcement Imposters

The San Marino Police Department took to social media to warn residents of scammers posing as law enforcement across Southern California. The department also shared tips to keep San Marino residents from falling prey to scams like this one.

San Marino Gives Right of Way to Pedestrian Safety

The San Marino City Council recently passed a motion 3-1 to accept the revised Citywide Traffic Circulation Study, which included recommendations to improve traffic safety for pedestrians, as well as motorists.

San Marino Mayor Looks Forward to Last Term, Reminisces on Tenure

San Marino Mayor Steven Huang, who was appointed for the second time Dec. 13, is working to push the city’s priorities forward during his final year as a public servant before starting a new chapter in his life.