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Multiunit Development In the Works For City of San Marino

by Winston Chua

The San Marino Planning Commission in June will likely consider the development of nine residential housing units on what was formerly land used for commercial properties near the corner of Huntington Drive and Los Robles.

The detached, single-family homes would range in area from 2,900 square feet to 3,300 square feet in size with lot sizes ranging from 4,900 to 5,500 square feet. The applicant for this projects is Progressive Star Management, a group of residential developers whose intent will likely be to construct luxury homes.

This particular area of San Marino has been vacant for a long time and the City has not received any new business licenses for buildings here.

If the development is successful, it will be the first City multiunit project in more than 10 years. Prior to his, six vacant homes were developed along West Drive, but that was a residential property; this one is commercial.

Constructing residential properties in a commercial zone is currently allowed for this particular area under the city code.

Although PSM is scheduled to meet with the Planning Commission later this month,  Senior Planner Aldo Cervantes said the meeting may be pushed back until June, noting discrepancies with the way the land has been zoned historically.

If the project is approved by the planning commission, it will be submitted before the Council before it is considered for recording at the County level. Construction may begin as early as the fall.


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