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Academics Advisory Committee Will Push for Cuts In Homework

BIG CHANGES PROPOSED: San Marino’s Academics Advisory Committee will suggest large reductions to the amount of homework that can be assigned to a student in the SMUSD.

San Marino’s Academics Advisory Committee will recommend to the school board at its next meeting on Tuesday, May 22 substantial reductions to and, in some cases, total elimination of homework for students in grades K-12.

The recommendation would forbid teachers from assigning homework to students in kindergarten through third grade and reduce by approximately a third to a half of the current load for high school students.

Currently, students in grades 9 through 12 are limited to 12-15 hours per week. New regulations would cap homework for high schoolers at two hours per night. Academic Advisory Chair Michiko Lee will present the report and incoming Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Jason Kurtenbach chaired the committee, which consisted of Academics Advisory Committee members as well as teachers.

“ThisreportistheproductofmanyhoursofstudybythisAcademicsAdvisoryCommitteesubcommittee,”said Superintendent Dr. Alex Cherniss.“ They examined current research and best practices related to the effectiveness of assigning homework.”


New regulations would mean that 8thgraderswouldhaveasmuchas80minuteslesshomeworkperevening.Afifthgradernowaskedtodo50-60minutesofhomeworkpernightto30minutespernight.


Suggestions from the Academics Advisory Committee are non-binding and are presented to the board for informational purposes only. The school board can call for a vote on the matter, ask for more information or reject the study out of hand.

The school board meeting will be held in the district office on Tuesday,May22at7:30p.m.


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