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Robotics Team Ends Build Week 2 Strong

Team members work on designing mechanism prototypes.

This past week marked the second week of the 2019 First Robotics Competition (FRC) Build Season, which is usually used to complete prototypes in preparation for a weekend mentor review where the robot design is finalized.

The beginning of the week continued the previous week’s projects, resulting in robust wooden designs that served as proofs of concept. We worked on three types of lifts, three types of intakes, and two types of outputs. Some of the more innovative designs included an arm and a conveyor belt, although the conveyor belt idea was scrapped entirely. The entirety of the mechanical team worked tirelessly before finally completing individual assignments. At the end of the entire process, Mechanical Captain Tyler Hand reflected the tiring but rewarding nature of FRC Robotics when he was caught saying, “I finally finished my prototype. It works!” In addition to the substantial progress made on the mechanical portions of the robot, the computer-aided design (CAD) team has also been making meaningful gains. Every prototype also had a corresponding computer model that can be used for future design decisions. Moreover, a training field is also currently in the works so that future drive team practices can work within official constraints. Furthermore, The programming division continued working on the minimap, vision, and autonomous projects in preparation for a finalized robot.

Build Week 2 ended with a mentor review session, which consisted of every Titanium Robotics member questioning cabinet about prototype design and future plans. By the end of the one and a half hour long question period, Titanium Robotics members began working immediately on a finalized robot design. After dinner, cabinet members met together outside of school for a late night strategy and design discussion that was used as the foundation for Build Week 3’s schedule.

Titanium Robotics is on course for a strong finish in the 2019 FRC Build Season. Remember to look out for the annual Rollout event featuring the finished 2019 robot once build season is complete. Titanium Robotics will attend the Orange County Regional during the first week of March and conclude with the Idaho Regional during the last week of March. These two regionals will each provide opportunities to earn a coveted spot to the FRC World Championships hosted in Houston in late April.

A group of team members present their ideas regarding Destination Deep Space.


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