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Robotics Preparing for The Annual Fall Classic

Titanium Robotics’ robot, Galac[Ti]c, in action on the field.
The entirety of Titanium Robotics’ work effort for the past week has been focused on preparing for their swiftly approaching off-season competition, Fall Classic. Final touches have been implemented so that the team’s robot, Galac[Ti]c, may perform to the best of its design by the competition day.

One such final touch included the assembly and attachment of gear boxes for the robot. A gearbox is a container with gears inside held via its casing that are turned by a motor on the robot thus powering other mechanisms. For these to be in optimal condition, it is paramount for the robot to run smoothly and efficiently. Titanium Robotics’ drive team has also been holding several practices to train in operating the robot on the playing field. People in the programming department worked to aid the drive team in the assignment of different tasks the robot can perform by way of the robot’s controllers.

With little left to do and Fall Classic almost underway the robotics team’s final main focal points are the working out of logistics for the competition and allowing the drive team as much practice opportunities as possible to provide members with ample time to be immersed into the heavily competitive atmosphere expected from the competition. Fall Classic is taking place on Saturday, September 28 and Sunday, September 29— with matches beginning at nine o’ clock in the morning and ending at five in the evening. The competition is taking place at 500 Bradford Avenue, Placentia, California 92870. Remember, all team members who have signed up to go to Fall Classic must attempt to attend as many of the remaining work sessions as possible. For all those who did not sign up but still want to support the team, feel free to attend as a member of the audience to help cheer on Titanium Robotics. Hope to see you there!


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