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Titanium Robotics Pushing Through Off-Season Projects

Kimia Hassibi, back left, and Business President Madeleine Haddad with the t-shirt cannon, [Ti]rone, at the San Marino Police and Fire Departments’ public safety barbecue last Saturday.
Titanium Robotics just checked off one of its events from their off-season to-do list: San Marino’s police and fire department Public Safety Barbeque, which took place on Saturday, October 12 from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon. Overall, it was a great event packed with fun through the means of learning. Along with several team members taking shifts, Titanium Robotics’ t-shirt cannon [Ti]rone made a grand appearance at this event. Several t-shirts were launched for the enjoyment of the barbeque’s attendees, and several people had the opportunity to drive the robot and learn how it functions. Along with the remarkable displays put on by the robotics team, San Marino’s police and fire department provided several presentations to both demonstrate how they perform their duties and educate the community in regards to public safety procedures. These spectacles included the landing of the departments’ helicopter, much to the delight of the event’s guests. Entertainment and several food options were also available to all those who attended. With the Great California ShakeOut steadily approaching, the robotics team has been occupied with constructing and assigning signs for the high school’s teachers to use during the event, along with any other emergencies that may occur throughout the school year. Titanium Robotics has also been avidly prepping for San Marino High School’s homecoming game and parade. The team will be proudly displaying [Ti]rone once again during the parade, and afterwards, during the much anticipated football game against La Cañada. It would be much appreciated for all who can to either come and help out during these events or show their support amongst the audience. So, please come out and support the team! Regarding long term off-season projects, the team will be prototyping and experimenting with different mechanisms to gain more knowledge and experience in working with, and building new structures. The hope is to apply these newly founded concepts when brainstorming designs later this school year during the team’s build season. Another goal also being to gain the ability to utilize and retain a more extensive and broad understanding of the team’s and robots’ options. All of these projects are being addressed during work sessions, which are currently taking place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3-6 in the afternoon in the robotics room (308). The team would love as many hands as it could get, so plan on coming out to help whenever you can!

Titanium Robotics is a team consisting of over 100 students, mainly from San Marino High School, who come together with a common interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students learn from professional engineers and mentors to build and compete in the annual FIRST Robotics Challenge with a robot of their own design. Programming, electrical work, computer-aided design, and business management are all run by student representatives, making the entire organization student-led from start to finish.


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