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San Marino City Club Hosts La Gran Fiesta

The San Marino City Club recently hosted its La Gran Fiesta event at the Old Mill in San Marino on Tuesday, June 7.

“This is the oldest industrial commercial building in the area; it was built in the 1800s and so being at a historical building sets a venue that is incomparable to the area,” Chairman of La Gran Fiesta George Romero said. “This event has been going on for over 60 years and it got cut off by COVID, and we thought we couldn’t fill the place but, boy, the people love it — we sold out.”

The doors opened to140 guests at 5:45 p.m., followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Guests enjoyed authentic Mexican cuisine until the listeria games began at three designated tables.

“I brought to it the idea that it has to be truly Mexican; it has to be a taste of ‘Mex-ellence,’” Romero said. “When we serve food, we serve food that has hundreds of years of tradition and integrity.”

Following a piñata game, the real party began as guests had the opportunity to dance. As the event wound down, Romero and City Club board members assembled near the microphone to explain the metaphor behind the flowers Romero distributed at the beginning of the event.

“This event is important because it has a tradition of being popular and now, all of a sudden, we are back to the future,” Romero said. “The point of all of this is to energize the membership of the San Marino City Club.”

More photos of San Marino City Club’s La Gran Fiesta here


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