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Carver Students Head Back to School

The halls of Carver Elementary School were full of Pioneer spirit as students returned to the classroom last Wednesday.

After hosting its Newcomer Orientation, Principal Stuart Caldwell, also new to Carver Elementary this year, took time to visit with students during their lunch break.

As the Carver School students as they begin as new school year, they were ready to achieve their mission of “creating a collaborative environment that fosters lifelong learning for all children, inspires students to reach their highest potential and empowers them to achieve their goals.”


  1. Charlotte Lin, Christopher Chiu, Lily Johansing, Francine Garbay, Principal Stuart Caldwell, Julia Delgado, Zhiming Liu and Jaymie Lin
  2. Alissa White, Jamie Truoung, Rayan Tohne, Hannah Haghighi, Jensen Shen and Tyler Wu
  3. Kelly Xiao, Ruby Rosvall and Sophia Rodriguez
  4. Jillian Chon, Symone Teng, Alivia Ornelas and Evangeline Harris
  5. Harry Zhang, Carlos Li and Kagan Shin
  6. Lucy Ye, Hayden Wong, Iris He and Francesca Guidolin
  7. Lester Singer, Lucas Nie, Elon Simon and Lawrence Lu
  8. Verena Law, Lena Hui, Annabelle Ko and Margo Hyun Lopez
  9. Mackenna Ryan, Lauren Suh and Holly Stranger
  10.  Matthew Tzao, Colin Wu, Shane Wu and Harry Zhou
  11.  Riley Lai, Claire Lai and Annabelle Stoikoff
  12.  Adeline Sevilla, Sarah Duvall, Lindsay Peng and Shaaradha Arumugham
  13.  Matthew Tzao, Brandon Wu, Paxton Lam, Austin Kar, Doan Ma and Joshua Newton


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