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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Crosswalk Lights Are Not Working

There are two “marked crosswalks” on Huntington Drive (between Starbucks and San Marino Security), and neither has worked, and thus created a dangerous condition for the residents.

The “marked crosswalks” are supposed to beacon for vehicular traffic, i.e., the lights installed on the ground are supposed to flash when a pedestrian pushes call buttons.

I called Robert Belmont of the city’s Public Works department, but his mailboxes are too full to take another message. His supervisor, Christopher Gutierrez, has been out.  I contacted the city’s police department twice, which said they would let the Public Works know of the problem. Where is our tax money being spent?

Stacey Lee

San Marino

First published in the Dec. 28 issue of the San Marino Tribune


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