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Concert Raises Thousands for Love Through Music

Love Through Music, a distinguished nonprofit organization headquartered at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, celebrated a significant achievement May 18 as it hosted its second successful fundraiser concert.

The event, held in San Marino, drew an enthusiastic crowd of more than a hundred supporters, comprising friends, family, neighbors and music aficionados from across the cities.

Attendees were treated to a diverse range of genres, including jazz, classical and operatic performances showcasing the exceptional talent of LACHSA students. The meticulous planning for this memorable occasion began early in 2024 under the leadership of Antonio Shyu, vice president of Love Through Music, who was inspired by the resounding success of the organization’s inaugural concert held the previous November.

Despite the demanding nature of the planning process, which entailed countless hours and numerous correspondence, the event culminated in resounding success, raising more than $2,000 in support of Love Through Music’s noble cause. The overwhelming generosity of attendees, coupled with the unwavering dedication of the performing musicians, contributed to the achievement of this significant milestone.

In a heartwarming display of community support, Shyu and his fellow, Roy Amaral, personally reached out to his neighbors to invite them to the concert. Their efforts were met with enthusiasm as two San Marino neighbors joined the cause, further amplifying the spirit of unity and support. Additionally, Julian Rife, dedicated AV technician, arrived early in the morning to set up the audiovisual system for the concert, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees.

In a testament to its commitment to philanthropy and community service, Love Through Music has pledged to allocate the proceeds from the fundraiser towards Direct Relief, a global organization dedicated to providing essential resources to underserved communities worldwide. This strategic partnership will enable Direct Relief to continue its vital mission of alleviating suffering among the most vulnerable populations by supplying critical medical aid, supporting disaster response efforts, and providing ongoing assistance to disadvantaged regions.

Moreover, Love Through Music’s altruistic endeavors extend beyond international aid, as a portion of the funds raised will be directed towards schools with limited resources for arts education. By targeting these educational institutions, Love Through Music aims to bridge the gap in arts funding, facilitating access to high-quality arts programs that nurture creativity, personal growth, and academic achievement for deserving students.

As Love Through Music continues to make a profound impact through its selfless initiatives, it exemplifies the true spirit of philanthropy, inspiring others to effect positive change within their communities. Through collaborative efforts and a shared commitment to the arts, Love Through Music envisions a brighter, more compassionate future for all.

For more information, contact Shyu at lachsa@lovethrough-music.org.

First published in the May 23 issue of the San Marino Tribune

Photo courtesy Love Through Music / A group put on a performance for fundraiser guests.


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