Mid-Autumn Festival Revelers Glam It Up

Nearly 600 guests and participants gathered Saturday night as the Chinese Club of San Marino hosted its Mid-Autumn Festival dinner and gala at the San Gabriel Hilton. The Hollywood-themed evening featured costume and performance contests, a live auction and a nine-course Chinese dinner. The evening’s costume contest was a huge success. Following the precedent set last year, this year’s contest featured groups of contestants from different community organizations, including Carver parents, Valentine parents, the Rotary Club and Lions Club. Carver had more than 30 Audrey Hepburns who sauntered on stage in grace and style, while 32 Valentine parents and children gave a powerful performance of “This Is Me” from the movie “The Greatest Showman.” Rotary Club members showed off their comedic talents and the Lions Club showcased the beauty and splendor of the Roaring ’20s through song and dance. Ultimately the trophy went to the Carver Audreys. The funds raised will support operation of the club, athletic and arts programs, scholarships and implementation of other educational events and activities. This year marks the club’s 39th anniversary of community service in San Marino and the surrounding neighborhoods. The Chinese Club’s president is Alan Chen and the Mid-Autumn Festival was chaired by Shawn Chou, who also serves as the principal of the Chinese School.
Chair Shawn Chou and Chun-Yen Chen
Maribel and John Incontro
Chris and Sing Chung with Luyi Khasi and Shawn Chou
Carver parents as Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” include (front row, from left) Meredith Sommer, Ling Dong, Lisa Wang, Elsie Wong and Jameela Gabriel. Back: Emily Chen, Tiffany Lu, Belinda Hwang, Carol Liu, Jessica Tran, Celia Sun, Kathy Wu, Sun Young, Sylvia Koh, Soo Lin, Lili Ma, Joyce Lin and Yvonne Cheng.
Ling Dong and Eve Lin
Stephen Choi and Ann Wu
Cynthia and Michael Lin
Shirley Lee and Fanny Shiao
Russ and Darlene Osmonson
Jack Yu, Chun-Yen Chen and Karen Yu
Richie Blair and Denise Wadsworth
Vivian Tan, Leilei Wang and Tina Shen
Young Chang, David Wang, Jennifer Wi and Chun-Yen Chen
Ash and Zarana Patel
Christine Tung, C. Joseph Chang and Nancy Yung
Fang Ho, Kelly and Shelley Ryan, Darius Moshir, and Fary and Rich Yassamy
Gabrielle and Elijah Carlton
Bob Houston with Gabrielle and Elijah Carlton
Jesse Hong, Jennifer Shen, Shirley Lee and Jesse Juguilon
Cory Lai, Robin Mui and Wendy Doo
Helen Spitzer, Alice Song, Nancy Ko and Tommy Tang
Jessi Zhang, Xiao Dan Yu and Jinny Tong
David Wang, Shelley and Kelly Ryan, Gretchen Shepherd Romey and Frank Chen
Zarana Patel, Helen Phan, Malinee Muditajaya, and Renita and James Lin
Nancy Lee, Cindy Wong, Tina Siu, Jennifer Chuang, Christina Pink and Jasmin Tsai
Bruce and Joyce Lafko with Kathy and Charles Chien
Richard Lin, Jane Chon, Brad Golden, Lisa Wang and Donald Walker
Annie Han, Grace Yang and Evi Darmali
Dr. Richard Sun, Susan Jakubowski, Ivy Sun, Annie Han and Hunter Chang
Leslee and Steve Talt
Grace Yang, Lucille Norberg and Celia Hung
Nancy Lee, Chun-Yen Chen, Alan Chen, Tony Ong, Shawn Chou and Tony Chou
Ling Jen Huang, Virginia Chang and Amy Li
David Wang, Erica Chiang, Calvin Lo, Susan Jakubowski and Hunter Chang
David and Lisa Wang
Wendy Hsu and Joyce Yett
Janice Lee McMahon and Brian McMahon
David Zhou, Ming Jiang, Nancy Lee, Rebecca Lin and Jenny Chiang
Jasmin Tsai, Cindy Wong, Alice Wang, Rebecca Lin and Kathryn Ko
Paul and Annie Brassard
Tony Chou, Chun-Yen Chen, David Wang, Nancy Lee, John Chou and Jenny Chiang
Yvonne Cheng and Jameela Gabriel
Jesse Hong, Jennifer Shen, Susan Jakubowski, and Annie and Paul Brassard
Lisbeth Eldmor and Jann of Sweden
Maggie Lee, John Incontro, Judy Tsai and Erica Chiang
Valentine parents, including Maria Manibog, Cindy Yung, Celina Duffy, Zeina Daoud, Stacy Seow, Rosemary Lay and Luyi Khasi, dressed as characters from the movie “The Greatest Showman.”
Tina Wong, Vivian Wong, Juliet Chen, Dori Mukherjee, Vivi Wahl and Marina Wang
Angela Liu and Angel Chen
Chelsea and Cecile Chiu
Carol Hung, Elizabeth Karr and Julie Foong
Samantha Chen, Ming Peng, Hua Meng, Meng Meng Ma, John Gabriel, Tina Feng, Annie Hou and Donna Zou