San Marino voters can drop off their vote by mail ballots at San Marino City Hall starting this week and all the way up to Election Day, which is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 8. The San Marino’s is one of 75 participating cities in Los Angeles County. At San Marino City Hall, vote by mail ballots can be dropped off in a large, black ballot box located on the second floor of City Hall in the city clerk’s office.

dsc_1131Voter registration forms are available in the city clerk’s office and online at Residents who wish to vote by mail must submit a written request for a ballot no later than seven days prior to Election Day to the County Clerk, PO Box 30450, Los Angeles, CA 90030. San Marino City Hall is located at 2200 Huntington Drive in San Marino and is open Monday-Thursday, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.