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2018 Prometheans ‘Have Made SMHS Proud’

ON FIRE FOR SMHS: The 2018 Class of Prometheans were honored at a breakfast which was held Tuesday morning at San Marino High School. PICTURED ABOVE, left to right, are FRONT ROW: Wania Ahmad, Allison Abrams, Cheyenne Trac, Sabrina Lieu, Libby Chang, Ariana Harvey, Hannah Charity, Dahlys Ang and Colette Chen. SECOND ROW: Brianna Kumar, Tiffany Chu, Alexandria Im, Shawn Thai, Peter Zhu, Ajay Natarajan, Anson Kwan, Omkar Rao and Aruneshwar Venkatachalapathy. THIRD ROW: Grant Holt, Sabella Singh and Shannon Hollingsworth. TOP ROW: Brandon Wong, Raye Cheng, Tenny Tsang, Yen-Tsung Chen, Blake Castleman, Erik Olson, Kyle Weng and Joshua Duncan. NOT PICTURED: Micah Lopez. Terry Fouché Photo

Honoring a longstanding tradition at San Marino High School, counselors and administrators on Tuesday morning paid tribute to thirty of its finest students at a special; breakfast, and it’s a safe bet cafeteria food never tasted so good.

They are the Prometheans, about-to-be graduates who have displayed character, courage and kindness throughout their careers at SMHS and receive a special tassel as well as a healthy dose of respect at the annual event, which was attended by Superintendent Dr. Alex Cherniss, the entire school board, several members of district staff, and a bevy of deservedly prideful parents.

Each Promethean provided the audience with their college destination and a special memory they will take with them their days on campus. Many, ironically, were not your typical moments that elicit a lightning and thunder recollection, but rather quiet moments among friends. Riding a bus back from a speech & debate competition. Ill-fitting bunk beds. Ice cream!

Also now memorable is the keynote address provided by longtime Government teacher David Irie, who has taught World History, Government and Economics at San Marino High School for 28 years.

CHOOSE WISELY: David Irie, a veteran teacher of World History, Government and Economics at San Marino High School, delivered the keynote address at Tuesday morning’s Prometheans breakfast, where he urged graduates to carefully choose their career path. Terry Fouché Photo

“You are truly the best of the best in your class,” Irie said to the hushed assemblage. “You have received this honor for not only your academic success, but for your unique contribution to others. You have made us proud to have you as a part of the Titan family. Having had just about every single one of you as a student, I would applaud the selection committees in accurately picking the best of the senior class. Your hard work and sacrifices have not gone unnoticed by others.”

Irie then referenced some advice he once received from Scott Cameron, a former Physics teacher at SMHS and his longtime friend.

“He told me that in picking a career path we should remember three things,” Irie recalled. “One, we want to pick a career that we enjoy. Life is too short to spend time suffering in a job that we dislike. Picking something we like will allow us to have passion in what we do. Two, we should pick a career that we are really good at. No reason to make others suffer because you have chosen a future where you are not highly competent. Plus, you are more likely to work hard in something that comes naturally to you. The third and final criteria is choosing a career in which you can afford to live the lifestyle you want to live. Most of us aspire to have a family, and we need to be cognizant that we pick an employment that allows us to live a lifestyle which we desire. Having a degree of financial security will allow you to enjoy the other non work times in your life. I am fortunate that I feel like I have found all three in my career at San Marino High School. I look forward to hearing that you have found the same in your bright and successful future.”

During his address, Irie brilliantly mentioned the name of each Promethean, connecting them to a skill or activity on or off campus.

‘Yay Go SM!” Irie said in concluding his address, the inside joke eliciting a roar of laughter from the students.


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