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Foxes Repeat as Regional Science Olympiad Champs

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Huntington Middle School’s Science Olympiad team finished first for the second year in a row at the Los Angeles Regional competition and qualified for the State meeting. PICTURED ABOVE, left to right, are SEATED: Nora Chang, Bethany Ang, 7th grade science teacher Cynthia Wong, 8th grade science teacher Suzanne Nitta, Olivia Wang, Aparna Venkat and Leo Feng. STANDING: Sean Killackey, Sebastian Liong, Elsa Panning, Katie Lui, Lillian Panning, Sophia An, Audrey Jung, Helena Wu, Aaron Ong, Berwyn Phan and volunteer Coach David Zheng. Rafael Najarian Photo

Proving that last year’s performance was certainly no fluke, a team of Huntington Middle Schoolers won the 33rd annual Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad at Antelope Valley College on Saturday, January 26.

The Foxes outdashed 19 other middle schools in the 23-event competition and have earned a spot in the state championships, which will be held at Caltech on Saturday, April 6.

HMS students earned medals in 21 of the 23 categories and all 15 members of the team placed in one or more events. Nine won their events with seven finishing second and five claiming third place medals.

“I am so proud of our team this year,” said Suzanne Nitta, the 8th grade science teacher at HMS. “They worked so hard and it was great seeing all of their hard work pay off. Most of all, I am happy to see them have a great time in the process.”

Cynthia Wong, the 7th grade science teacher at HMS, told The Tribune “It is great to see the increasing interest in Science Olympiad over the past few years. I want to encourage more and more of our students to go into the science and engineering fields, because they are our future.”

David Zheng, a San Marino High School graduate now attending Caltech, helps out with the squad. Zheng took first place in both events he entered last year at the Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad, as SMHS won the high school version of the competition.

After a decade-long hiatus, this is the third consecutive year the HMS has fielded a Science Olympiad team. The Foxes finished second in 2018 after a runner-up effort in 2017.

Science Olympiad is an international, non-profit organization devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science and providing recognition for outstanding achievement in science education by both students and teachers. Science Olympiad tournaments are rigorous, academic, interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of individual and team events which students prepare for during the year.


Crime Busters: Audrey Jung and Bethany Ang, 2nd Place

Density Lab: Sean Killackey and Helena Wu, 1st Place

Experimental Design: Sophia An, Katie Lui and Leo Feng, 1st Place

Herpetology: Elsa Panning and Sebastian Liong, 3rd Place

Dynamic Planet: Helena Wu and Aaron Ong, 3rd Place

Heredity: Audrey Jung and Nora Chang, 2nd Place

Thermodynamics: Olivia Wang and Sean Killackey, 2nd Place

Fossils: Katie Lui and Lillian Panning, 1st Place

Circuit Lab: Aparna Venkat and Berwyn Phan, 1st Place

Disease Detectives: Nora Chang and Audrey Jung, 1st Place

Boomilever: Olivia Wang and Sean Killackey

Battery Buggy: Bethany Ang and Sophia An, 2nd Place

Anatomy & Physiology: Sophia An and Aparna Venkat, 3rd Place

Potions & Poisons: Helena Wu and Audrey Jung, 1st Place

Road Scholar: Aaron Ong and Bethany Ang, 1st Place

Roller Coaster: Sebastian Liong and Berwyn Phan

Elastic Glider: Elsa Panning and Leo Feng, 2nd Place

Meteorolgy: Olivia Wang and Lillian Panning, 1st Place

Water Quality: Leo Feng and Katie Lui, 3rd Place

Write It Do It: Bethany Ang and Elsa Panning, 2nd Place

Codebuster: Aparna Venkat, Aaron Ong and Berwyn Phan, 1st Place

Solar System: Lillian Panning and Olivia Wang, 2nd Place

Mystery Adventure: Sean Killackey and Sebastian Liong, 3rd Place


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