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San Marino Robotics Hosts Summer Camp

MARCHING 4th: San Marino High School’s Titanium Robotics team circles Lacy Park as part of the Rotary Club of San Marino’s annual 4th of July Parade last year, one of the many benefits of Robotics Summer Camp, which is taking newcomers.

On Wednesday, June 5, Titanium Robotics kicks off its free summer camp for interested students to get a taste of and learn about the team’s different fields before school starts. Occurring during the six weeks that summer school is also being held (June 5 through July 11), Titanium’s summer camp will take place every Wednesday and Thursday from 1-4:00 p.m. All incoming ninth through twelfth graders are welcome and no experience or prior knowledge is required. Anyone can sign up on the team’s website ( and each meeting will take place at San Marino High School in room 308.

At the summer camp, new team members will get the chance to experience each field of robotics: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer-Aided Design, Programming, Strategy, Business, and Design. In Mechanical Engineering, students will receive training on how to handle several tools to get a head start on learning the processes of constructing different parts of the team’s robots. Electrical Engineering also focuses on the physical aspects of the robot, but prioritizes the robot’s wiring and power sources. Computer-Aided Design is based on making computer-generated “blueprints” for the robot and all of its parts. In Programming, students will be introduced to Java, a programming language, and the WPI Library, a set of software classes provided by the FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) that deal with the interfacing of the robot’s hardware and software and the process of coding software that allows the robot to perform tasks. Strategy’s focal point is gaining a deep understanding of the tasks and games necessary to complete during future competitions and to plan the most efficient ways to play the game and carry out tasks to score the most amount of points. Business introduces participants to the promotional and business aspects of running a robotics team, exposing students to different concepts, anywhere from finance, to writing, to finding sponsors. For students who would prefer a less STEM-based field or those who enjoy art, Design bases around the promotion and advertising of the team, such as designing posters to display at schools and competitions, photography, and animation.

Titanium Robotics has something to offer everyone and accommodates a myriad of different interests and focal points. Come to the team’s summer camp to discover what you enjoy most and become a part of the team.


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