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Robotics Team Stays Busy at Homecoming

San Marino High School’s popular Robotics Team at last Friday’s Homecoming Parade.

Titanium Robotics ended the past Homecoming week with a bang; they did a tremendously amazing job at San Marino High School’s Homecoming Parade, to which the team brought their famed t-shirt cannon, [Ti]rone. To finish off the Homecoming experience, the team brought [Ti]rone to the school’s home football game against La Cañada. San Marino High School’s football team beat La Cañada 42 – 7. Aside from the school’s accomplishments involving the parade and win, Titanium Robotics had many of its own accomplishments that day. [Ti]rone launched over one hundred t-shirts, at both the parade and the game! Hundreds of attendees at both events had the opportunity to view the robot and the team’s work throughout the day, and have fun while doing so.

The t-shirt cannon also launched candy into the parade’s audience, and hotdogs into the stands at the football game, with one almost going into one of the marching band’s sousaphones!

The football game was especially successful in terms of [Ti]rone’s performance and operation. With no technical difficulties whatsoever, [Ti]rone launched goodies at the audience after every touchdown made by San Marino, which luckily happened quite a few times at the Homecoming game. Game-and-Parade attendee Rachael Wen noted the team’s success in heightening school spirit by mentioning how “the robotics’ team always does a really great job in hyping up the crowd.”

Titanium Robotics was able to make the events of Homecoming day much more magical, all the while promoting school spirit and supporting the football team’s morale. To help be a part of such events and making them so successful, come to the team’s work sessions every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in room 308 from 3-6:00 p.m. after school. All help is welcome and no prior experience is required. See you there!


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