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Titanium Robotics’ Summer Excitement Heats Up

By Kairlyn An- Special to the Tribune

San Marino High School’s Titanium Robotics team continues with the third week of its student-led robotics camp and is excited for future summer plans.

Middle and high school students attending Titanium’s afternoon summer camp were able to continue exploring the four broad fields of robotics engineering, as well as their training in business marketing. Their partaking in prior weeks’ lessons proved exciting to campers as they delved into more hands-on learning with mechanical and electrical engineering.

Over the week, cabinet members on the engineering team assisted the divided groups of students through the mechanical design and manufacturing process. The groups were then able to rotate so that they could also design an electrical board under the teaching of electrical captain Anderson Su.

To end the week, groups also received enrichment in the digital side of robotics in the fields of computer sided design (CAD) and programming. Led by CAD captain Sidney Ulrich, campers used the program Autodesk Inventor to render mechanical parts that are involved in virtually prototyping robots. Engineering vice presidents Ryan Wang and Gavin Morris then set the students up with Codecademy, a program which allowed for further practice in Java programming.

Camp members participate in a mechanical engineering activity.

In their continuation of this week’s business lessons, students learned about web design with events coordinator Luke Emmos, and then got to create their own websites to share with the class. Websites were designed with subjects ranging from favorite candy to dream colleges.

The following day, everybody was able to digitally design their own logos after learning the principles and uses of branding by illustrator Kevin Chung. A multitude of creative blue and white Titanium Robotics logos were designed by the students using platforms such as Canva and Scratch. Both camp and team members have been loving working together in the various robotics fields. Titanium Robotics’ span of subjects in all divisions of STEAM ensures that there is a field for everyone and that all students can be passionate about learning each day. The team looks forward to further exploration with its students as well as hosting upcoming community events.

Anyone interested in joining the team or anyone with any questions are free to contact or visit titaniumrobotics.com and the group’s Instagram page —@titaniumrobotics) — for more information and updates on future events.


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