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LAPD Chase in Kidnapping Incident Ends in San Marino

An alleged kidnapping that took place in the general vicinity of USC at around 10 a.m. last Wednesday morning triggered a reaction that traveled to the intersection of Oxford and Monterey roads in San Marino.
Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Newton Division answered a radio call regarding a kidnapping and immediately began pursuing the vehicle involved in the incident. The chase came to San Marino before eventually terminating at Oxford and Monterey, where three suspects were arrested by LAPD officers. The incident was accentuated by the presence of four helicopters — two from the LAPD and two representing media outlets — which drew additional attention to the pursuit.
The San Marino Police Department was asked to assist in the operation, according to Chief John Incontro, who said his officers were asked to determine and enforce a perimeter. Incontro said his officers performed admirably during the event.
“They did what they were told to do and did not get involved in a pursuit that was being handled by an outside agency,” said Incontro.
He said that when the suspects’ vehicle was apprehended in San Marino, three suspects were taken into custody without incident.
Incontro said that he was in a meeting when the chase came through town but recognized the choppers from his previous 35-year career with the LAPD. Incontro said that the agency typically and ideally uses two helicopters during pursuits — one to directly follow the suspect and another to fly “in a wider orbit” to assess additional information.
Incontro said he was happy when the helicopters left the immediate area and that the incident brought back “pleasant memories” of that segment of his career.
“I am very proud of our officers and the way they performed during the incident,” said Incontro. “We did what we were asked to do, and they didn’t need any further assistance.”
The chief said he received several phone calls from residents inquiring about the incident. He also said that the police pursuit was widely discussed during a San Marino Neighborhood Watch meeting on Sunday evening.
The LAPD declined to release any further information regarding the kidnapping


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